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Specitup is an award-winning software solution for home builders to get homes to market faster with accurate and profitable selling prices. Not an estimating or production program, Specitup is a new breed of software that includes plan / options / spec’ing management combined with comprehensive financial analysis.  Any builder that wants to shorten time to market, get deeper insight into profitability and grow their business needs Specitup. 


  • Create 7,000 options in seconds
  • Spec the same plan differently by community
  • Option up plans in hours
  • Analyze competitor offerings

“If I can’t compete, Specitup has told me that ahead of time, and I wouldn’t have even bought the lot.”
— D Logan, Owner, Logan Homes

“With Specitup I can add a new plan in a matter of hours. And now we don’t have to engage estimating until the house is actually sold.”
— Dan Kent, Owner Kent Homes

To learn more, visit specitup.net.